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Client Feedback

Jamie Rosanna has successfully built Jasanna Services based on trust earned from her clients. Her work continues to prosper aided in part by her clients' willingness to publicly recommend the quality of her services. Please find below a small sampling of her clients' feedback. All have given permission to use their first and last names.


"Generous in sharing...."

"I received a one hour treatment with Jamie Rosanna which included massage, energy work and cranial sacral. I felt that she was completely focussed on and successful in bringing the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual facets of my being into harmony. My thoughts of Jamie Rosanna is that she is a caring and open person. She is curious and knowledgable, eager to ask questions or expand on a subject, and very generous in sharing what she knows. I look forward to my next visit with and treatment from Jamie Rosanna!"

Photo Shane Hunter

Shane Hunter - Proprietor of Hunter Home Works, Roberts Creek, BC

"Three incredible days...."

"I spent three incredible days with Jamie. The chakra work was fascinating....it became an integrated part of who I am! In less than a year, my life has opened up in ways that I could never have imagined and I continue to grow each and every day. I am absolutely sure that Jamie's work helped me to open channels that I wasn't even aware I had access to."

Photo Carola Schulz

Carola Schulz - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Calgary


"Back to balance...."

"I absolutely recommend Jasanna Services. I received healing sessions and massages that were truly magical!! When I felt at my worst she helped me align my body back to balance!! Also I bought an acupressure mat from her and I use it everyday!!"

Photo Kelly Margaret Derrickson
Kelly Margaret Derrickson - Singer Song Writer, Kelowna


"Magic touch...."

"I first met Jamie at yoga and had my first healing session and chakra reading in 2006. Since then I have received many healing body massages. I have read her book "The Mythic Body" and would recommend it to anyone who would like to become in touch with their authentic self. I also purchased an acupressure mat and share it with my entire family. We have all had great results. Jamie is blessed with a true gift and I feel very honoured to experience her knowledge, insight and magic touch."

Photo Deb Mac Leod Schellenberg
Deb MacLeod Schellenberg - Kelowna


"Compassionate presence...."

"Thank you from the bottom of my (now much more open) heart! I can't tell you what a gift your willingness to take the time and your compassionate presence have done. Your deep sense of knowing has allowed me to leave here with so much more of my Self available. I am so grateful."

Photo Dr Shannon Zaychuk

Dr. Shannon Zaychuk - Alberta Institute of IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy) Certified Practitioners, Calgary

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"Massages are magnificent and totally tailored to each individual's healing process. My husband and I also took a couple's massage course with Jamie and we loved what we learned. Jamie's mentoring courses are also very inspiring and serve to set anyone who has had the privilege to study with her on a wonderful path that has the potential to inspire students on for the rest of their lives if they so choose. I highly recommend an association with Jamie. Take part in her sharing of her wonderful gifts and inspirations."

Photo Diane Ruesgen
Diane Ruesgen- Kelowna


"The depth of your knowledge is amazing...."

"The depth of your knowledge and perspective is amazing, Jamie. You bring a gifted, intimate understanding of massage. You address the whole person, mind and body. I have some knowledge of medicine and the diverse areas I see you able to benefit is huge. It ranges from relaxation to a full spectrum of health concerns. I wish I was closer by to be able to become a regular client. My wife's treatment as an individual who suffers from fibromyolgia was also fantastic! Jamie, you offer an untapped resource for the people of Kelowna. Keep up the good work. My experience was remarkable!"

Photo Greg Konotopetz

Dr. Greg Konotopetz - Dentist, Weyburn, Saskatchewan


"Felt so happy...."

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jamie’s massage, which was both deeply relaxing and energizing. I looked younger and felt so happy after the massage. Jamie is an intuitive and sensitive mentor during a Chakra reading. Sometimes it is not easy to reach deep within yourself but Jamie always provides a place of comfort and safety to do so."

Claire Cameron

Claire Cameron - Yoga Teacher


"It just keeps getting better..."

"The massages and your insight are an important part of my well being. Very healing, relaxing, powerful and absolutely amazing! It just keeps getting better!"

Photo Christine Pinette
Christine Pinette - Proprietor each an original Design Company, Kelowna




"I would have paid more for this course (Chakra Journey - Embracing Sacred Ground) and still received full value. 'Thank You' just doesn't seem enough to express the gratitude I feel for having participated in this course. I so appreciate all the hard work, effort and spiritual energy you have put in to make this happen."

Photo Linda Edwards

Linda Edwards - Holistic Healing, Kelowna


"Life Changing...."

"I had the honour of receiving one massage treatment from Jamie Rosanna Dorig before she moved from Victoria. The time spent with her was life-changing and I'll never forget it. If you have the chance to spend time with Jamie, please move toward that opportunity."

Photo Lorraine Nygaard

Lorraine Nygaard - Vocal Performer/Instructor, Victoria, BC

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"It was heaven...."

"I am a potter with all the aches and pains that go with this vocation. I had a massage from Jamie that lasted for an hour and forty minutes. It was heaven and I left her studio feeling on top of the world. I look forward to my next visit."
Rosemarie Greedy - Proprietor Studio Papillon Gallery, Kelowna


"Bringing me home...."

"Thank you for bringing me home! I feel blessed to have met you. I know that this will make a real difference in my life."
Kathy Senger - Kelowna


"My spirit was returned...."

"I found Jamie in a time in my life that I was living day to day wondering what the point of life was & why it had to be so gloomy all of the time. After spending three wonderful days in one of Jamie's retreats, my vision became very clear and my spirit was returned. She helped me see what needed to be done to set me back on the right track again and how to maintain that path. I am very thankful for all of the support and guidance that Jamie has given me. She has restored my faith and spiritual strength"
Toni Auclair - Business Analyst, Calgary


"A blessing...."

"Jamie is a talented, caring professional. When I am in town, it is a blessing to get to visit her."
Karen J Andrews - Health Manager, Fort Nelson First Nation


"Gain immediate benefits...."

"Following a time of multiple and significant emotional traumas, I realized that I was struggling to regain my emotional well being and had begun to experience physiological effects from my distress. I contacted Jamie to work with me to release the emotional and physical blockages I was suffering. With her guidance I was able to gain immediate benefits and with use of her techniques have maintained those gains. Her support was gentle and most effective and I highly recommend her as a healer."
Lynn Middleton (Davies) - Quality Service Manager, Kelowna


"Cancer patient...."

"I would like to express my gratitude to you Jamie for your care, understanding and amazing abilities. I also want to let readers of your website know you are truly a kind, caring and loving person."

"I was a newly diagnosed cancer patient, staying at the wonderful Rotarian Cancer Lodge in Kelowna when I met Jamie through a mutual friend. I was very hesitant to see Jamie because I was overwhelmed by so many friends offering many natural healing suggestions and knowing they all have the best intentions, but I didn't want to hear anymore. Through the persistence of my best friend, I went to see Jamie and will be forever grateful."

"I was at a stage in my treatments where I had a big lump in my throat and hadn't been able to eat solid foods for about a week. I was very weak and had very little energy. Jamie talked about energy and the Chakra system, which I found very fascinating. During my second visit we talked more about energy, my spirit and she did a full body massage with hot stones. I left feeling peaceful and relaxed. When I went to dinner that evening I realized my lump was gone in my throat and I could eat solid foods. I also realized as the week progressed I was full of energy and people at the Lodge were noticing and commenting on how great I looked. Even my Radiation and Chemotherapy doctors said I was a model patient."

"I have found my Spirit again, I am re-energized again and I believe that I am going to be another cancer survivor. Thank you Jamie from the bottom of my Root Chakra to the top of my Crown Chakra. Yours in Spirit."

(2010 "I want to add that it's been 4 years since my introduction to Energy Healing and I believe it not only helped cure me of my cancer, but opened the 'doors' to a whole new spiritual side of life. Not only am I cancer free, but I have a whole new understanding about energy and the power of healing."

Photo Maureen Nicholas

Maureen Nicholas - Cancer Survivor, Nelson

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