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The Healing Power of Pure Awareness

An Evening for Women: Call for Future 2016 Dates

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Thirty Seconds to Peace

Many of you may know how excited I am with the Pure Awareness teaching program that I am presently offering. Many of my clients have had very positive and immediate results from this work. Several have suggested I call my Pure Awareness sessions “Thirty Seconds to Peace.”

Our thoughts are validated by the mind and communicate with the body on a cellular level, manifesting our instructions. The natural state of body and mind is peace. With The Healing Power of Pure Awareness you will:

LEARN AND KNOW Pure Awareness, where peace resides and where the body and mind heal.


LEARN AND KNOW how to enter into deep relaxation in seconds and bring that knowledge home with you.


LEARN AND KNOW how to champion your thoughts and empower yourself from patterns that no longer serve you.


LEARN AND KNOW that the steps to Pure Awareness are quick, easy and have immediate results.


Call (250.878.1851) to reserve you place, or visit our Facebook Events Page.


Please call me if you know a group of five women who would like to attend this evening event.

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Pure Awareness - Private Sessions

Private individual sessions in person or by phone are also available for The Healing Power of Pure Awareness.


Call (250.878.1851) to book your appointment.


Free Pure Awareness Phone Session

All the work I've done so far with Pure Awareness has been in person, either in a group or in an individual private session.

I would now like to investigate the possibility of doing this work over the phone.

In order to find out how effective this might be, I am offering the next five people who contact me (250.878.1851) a free Pure Awareness Session by phone.


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Energy Body Massage

Energy Body Massage

The Mythic Body

Image of The Mythic Body book

Energy body massage is a deep relaxation massage that enhances inner healing. More than purely mechanical techniques, this massage treatment helps reduce stress, release tension, and alleviate anxiety. It melts away armouring and releases blocked energy stuck in the body.

Jamie Rosanna will bring an intuitive focused attention to your massage. She will tune into your energy flow and enhance the natural healing tendencies found within your body.

Please visit her feedback page to inform yourself on the quality of her services.

"It just keeps getting better..."

"...Very healing, relaxing, powerful and absolutely amazing! It just keeps getting better!"
Christine Pinette - Proprietor each an original Design Company

Written by Kelowna author, Jamie Rosanna Dorig, The Mythic Body explores the connection between body and soul by way of emotions. Body and soul are one. The purpose of this book is to map the territory of soul and to approach the myth or story of soul as told by the body.

The Mythic Body is soul remembered. It is a proposed sacred ritual for reconnecting body to soul. It is soul embodied and body impregnated with soul.

The vision and intention of The Mythic Body is not to report on soul but rather to encourage rapport with soul. It is an invitation to make room for soul, to allow soul to have presence, and to allow soul’s voice to be heard.


Energy Body Massage gift certificates are available on our Products Page and are a perfect gift for all occasions.

Visit her book's website for details on The Mythic Body or watch this video with excerpts from her book. You can also purchase a print copy of her book on her Products Page.

Chakra Readings

Chakra Body and Phone

Kelowna Chair Massage On Site

Massage Chair

Jamie Rosanna offers chakra readings and personal guidance sessions. In her Chakra Kit pamphlet, she writes; "...Chakras can hold body energy blocks. Every memory with a negative perception is a cellular level drain on our energy, our anatomy, our life force. The more we retrieve our spirit left behind in past wounding, the more we manifest health on all levels. This is the work done by way of the chakras..."

Jamie uses chakra readings as an intuitive tool to access the state of a client's emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical wellbeing. Chakra readings give us access to information in regards to our inner world and its external manifestation. Chakra Readings can point to the centres of energy and power in the body that are either vibrant or stagnant. Please call Jamie Rosanna if you've never had a chakra reading and would like more information on the benefits of this process.

You can receive a chakra reading with Jamie Rosanna either in person (Kelowna area residents/visitors) or by phone. Most readings last an hour and the fee is $75. Chakra Reading gift certificates are available. Visit our Products Page for details.

Jamie Rosanna offers Chair Massage On Site to Kelowna area businesses. Trained, certified, experienced, and insured, Jamie Rosanna has provided corporate clients with the benefits of massage at their work location since 1999.


Investing in Mobile Chair Massage On Site is your lifestyle choice. By availing yourself of this mobile massage service, you are making the choice to improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and decrease stress and tension in your work place.


Jamie Rosanna Dorig offers a free demonstration of her Kelowna Chair Massage On Site service to any local business wishing to evaluate the quality of her work.


Please visit her Kelowna Chair Massage On Site web pages for details.

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Jasanna Services Products

Jasanna Services Products Page


Claire Cameron Feedback

Jasanna Services has a Products Page where she offers several items for purchase, such as Masssage Gift Certificates, her book The Mythic Body, Chakra Reading Gift Certificates, a Chakra Kit that she created along with some Teaching Sessions on Chakras, and The Miracle Mat/De-Stress Session Package.

Payment for all of Jamie Rosannas products can be made by credit card using the PayPal option attached to each item. You don't have to be registered with PayPal to use this option.


Deb Mac Leod Schellenberg Feedback

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The Mythic Body - Excerpts 1 (click here if you don't see the video embedded above).


Jasanna Services 1 (click here if you don't see the video embedded above).

Visit our YouTube and Vimeo pages for more Jasanna Services videos.


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